ATC Banners

Join The Coalition in style by choosing one (or more) ATC banner from a variety of banners! Put up the ATC’s Peace Symbol or the ATC’s Individualism Symbol or put up a banner highlighting your distaste for a specific collectivist ideology, system and/or state, including: Islam, Nazism, fascism, communism, socialism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Albanian and NATO-occupied Kosovo and much much more!

Let’s advocate against the countless evils in our world and for the few things that are good in the world together! Let’s educate the public about what collectivism is and what individualism is and why collectivism – ALL collectivism – must be eradicated. Let freedom ring!

Join The Coalition by simply copying the code for one (or more) banners onto your website and click here to fill out a simple form to officially submit your site to The Coalition.