About the ATC

The Anti-Terrorism Coalition (ATC) is an anti-terrorist and anti-collectivist coalition, with the purpose of promoting freedom, individual rights, security and common sense. The ATC is focused on uniting any individual, group and organization that opposes collectivism. It also puts a lot of focus into advocacy, mainly by putting up media and publishing articles on its website. With a unique array of columnists and members, the ATC delivers news and views that you are unlikely to hear any where else.

From day one, the ATC has always had one objective: Defeat the enemy. Throughout the nearly six years (as of March 2009) of its existence, the ATC has worked to accomplish that objective. It has been threatened and attacked countless times, taken offline several times, but never has it failed to come back and pick up from where it left off.

These are particularly troubling times, as the world is on the verge of a depression and our leaders – the leaders of the West and its closest allies – are using this as an excuse to restrict our freedoms, all under the banners of “economic stimulus” or “economic recovery”, while at the same time doing nothing beneficial for the economies of their nations. At the same time, the Islamization of the West is accelerating and the only resistance being waged by our governments is against those that speak out against Islamization and restrictions on freedom of speech; all while rogue states such as Iran are closer than ever to getting a nuclear bomb. Now, more than ever, we need to wake up!

A Short History of the ATC

The Anti-Terrorism Coalition (ATC) was founded on April 30, 2003 by the webmaster of the Terrorism Exposed (TE) website, Stalfos Conner, after fellow webmaster, Benyamin Ben-Maccabim, called for a coalition. The TE was led by Stalfos, along with members of several smaller groups, including Ben-Maccabim. The original purpose of the ATC was and still is to unite anti-terrorists and other supporters of freedom.

Even though the ATC endured constant attacks by (Islamic) theocratic fascists and leftists, the ATC nevertheless became a very successful organization, reaching in 2004 approximately 1800 members and in 2005 more than 50 member websites and more than 30 member groups.

Some of the ATC’s accomplishments and projects included the Facts about Islam (FAI) website, the ATC’s Database of Terrorist Websites and eGroups (also known as the ATCD, which by late 2004 exposed 500 terrorist websites and eGroups), and various advocacy campaigns and articles about theocratic fascism, terrorism, and other threats. The ATC has also been mentioned in various books, research papers, and studies at colleges and universities.

Additionally, the ATC eGroup, hosted at Yahoo! Groups, become Yahoo’s most famous anti-terrorism eGroup in early 2004 (although it was previously banned by Yahoo on May 16, 2003) and despite a series of attacks in 2003, remains as of May 16, 2003, the only component of the ATC that has stayed online to this day.

In 2005, after major terrorist attacks and cyber wars took place against the ATC, combined with severe declining support against terrorism by the public (thus declining support for the ATC), as well as several other facts, the ATC went into a decline. This resulted in a membership decrease for the ATC, as the ATC had to bring back all its members to its coalition. However, in a matter of years, approximately one out ten of those member websites and groups were no longer online. While the ATC was resurrected from the attacks, the decline it faced eventually led to the ATC’s shutdown on May 16, 2007. ATC’s Facts about Islam website was not shut down, but it hasn’t been updated since then.

In early 2008, terrorist activity began to rise, spawning new hope for support for anti-terrorism to rise. On Sunday, February 17, 2008, theocratic fascists in Serbia’s province of Kosovo, under heavy protection by Western terrorist appeasers and apologists, illegally (against UN law) declared independence from Serbia. Ben-Maccabim called that day “Black Sunday”, while Stalfos named the Western appeasers and apologists the “Axis of Dhimmitude”. On Monday, February 18, 2008 – known as the Defeat of Anti-Terrorism – Axis of Evil (theocratic fascist) and Axis of Dhimmitude countries Afghanistan, Albania, France, Turkey, the United States, and the United Kingdom became the first to recognize this province of Serbia as a state, thus realizing the plans set forth by fascist leaders Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in World War II to create a theocratic fascist state in Serbia known as “Greater Albania”.

In the following month, (Islamic) theocratic fascist governments, groups and individuals began to threaten the Netherlands with riots, terrorism, and economic warfare for not stopping (or rather, being unable to do so in accordance with Dutch law) Dutch politician Geert Wilders from making a movie to expose the theocratic fascist and terrorist teachings of the Koran, Islam’s holy book. All Dutch television networks followed the example of the theocratic fascists’ stance on freedom of speech and refused to air the movie, entitled Fitna. Wilders decided to release the movie on the internet. However, on March 22, 2008, Network Solutions, a major hosting company and one of the USA’s and world’s biggest domain name registrars, decided to join the war against freedom of speech, as well, and banned the website.

In response to these major attacks on freedom of speech and thus, freedom overall, former ATC president Stalfos and ATC vice-president Ben-Maccabim organized an emergency meeting on March 23, in which Stalfos called for Fitna and other movies – deemed as inappropriate by theocratic fascists and leftists – to be hosted by the ATC in support of freedom of speech. In a unanimous consensus, the attendees of the meeting agreed and committed to return the ATC, with Stalfos and Ben-Maccabim as co-presidents of the organization.

On March 26, 2008, the ATC returned with a beta website. The ATC was quickly expanded to feature the Mohammad Cartoons; as well as Submission, an expose of the abuse of women under Islam directed by Theo Van Gogh and written by politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Since then, the ATC has written articles, put up videos that it believes everyone must see and gained coalition members. In late 2008, the ATC’s leadership decided to expand the ATC by organizing it into three major sections:

ATC News. This became the home of all articles, including news, commentary and announcements. The latest about the ATC’s activities is also posted on this section. In addition, the ATC made it possible for columnists to easily contribute to ATC News, thus creating the ATC’s very own online newspaper / blog.
ATC Media. This became the home of all movies, cartoons, photos and other media.
ATC Main. This section is the main section of the ATC. It features the top “MUST READ” articles from ATC News, the top “MUST SEE” media from ATC Media, a detailed list of all members of The Coalition and of course, any important announcements regarding the ATC and anything else regarding the war for our freedom.

Also in late 2008 and early 2009, the world became faced with a major economic crisis, to which most world leaders reacted by blaming economic freedom and imposing socialist policies. Some Western European and American leaders even publicly stated that this economic crisis presented them with an opportunity to do “things” they normally couldn’t do. Of course, these are the very same leaders that have ferociously defended Islam and referred to it as a “religion of peace”, all while persecuting and marginalizing the very citizens they represent, along with some of their fellow politicians, for disagreeing with them on this issue. Indeed, they imposed more restrictions on individual rights and economic freedoms. In fact, by March of 2009, Geert Wilders was not only ordered to stand trial in the Netherlands for Fitna, but had been banned from entering Britain, after he had been invited to screen his film and give a speech.

This prompted the ATC to launch a campaign to expose the so-called economic “stimulus” and “recovery” plans brought about by Western leaders and their true intentions.

The ATC, which started out as an anti-terrorism organization, with a focus on exposing the violent side of Islam, along with its naive leftist allies has since expanded to fighting anyone who stands in the way of freedom. Islam is, unfortunately, just one of the many collectivist ideologies that exist. It is, in fact, collectivism – the idea that the group is above the individual and that the individual’s purpose is to serve the group – that is the arch enemy of freedom. Thus, the ATC is at war with collectivism and every single one of the many forms in which it comes in, whether it be Islam, leftism (communism, fascism, “European socialism”, “modern liberalism”, other forms of socialism and so on), plutocracy, oligarchy, monarchy and so on.

And just like the classic ATC of before, the ATC will work to unite all those who oppose terrorism and collectivism, and aims to become bigger than ever before.