A Letter to America

Our current President, Barrack Hussein Obama, is calling for a united global regime, consisting of many nations (some of which would like to see much harm done to our great nation by even a fiery means), controlled by the United Nations. We, as free American citizens, must stop this act of tyranny and imperialism. Too long have we stood by while the corrupt and power-hungry took seats of power among us, have ruled over us in a fashion that would almost rival the royalty of empires past. Too long has our hard earned money been used as a means to purchase for them expensive dinners, clothes, cars, and other luxurious items that they don’t need more than the rest of us. Can they not eat the same slop they have served at food kitchens because the people who run them can’t afford fresh food because the taxation of said products has raised the prices too high? Can they not drive the same run down vehicles that the majority of us are forced to drive? Are they somehow made more valuable than the rest of us by simply signing and vetoing bills that will only further their political agenda? The answer to these question, and many like them, my friends, should be no. These politicians should be held in no higher esteem than you and I. They are average men and women just like the rest of us. They make the same mistakes, are just as selfish and greedy, and will resort to barbaric uses of their power if the need so arises. They care more, not for you and me, but for themselves and how much money they are making, or how much power they have in Congress or the Senate.

We must put a stop to this as soon as possible if we are to remain the freest and greatest nation in history. Those who are either too lazy or inept to realize what is going on must wake up and see for themselves how restricting and controlling this new world regime is going to be. Over two hundred years ago, a group of men sacrificed everything to ensure the freedom and liberty of future generations. They were our founding fathers, and they would be turning over in their graves if they only knew what their United States has turned into. A nation of people more concerned with the latest celebrities, musicians, and fashions than about their own rights and liberties. What has happened to America? Why is it that a nation founded on a strong belief in God is now more concerned with whether or not Elvis and Tupac are really dead? Why will we not stand up for ourselves and the Constitution our nation is founded upon? I beg of you, as my fellow Americans, to look at what is going on around you and what our very own government is planning to do. If you have already done that, why do you stand by and do nothing?

To those who know not what to do in these troubled times: Seek out others like yourselves. There is power in numbers. This is something that the corrupt have figured out long ago and are using to further their plans for power. We must use this power against them and let them know that not a moment longer will we sit by idly as they desecrate our Constitution and deface the name of our great and sovereign nation.

To those who show apathy toward all of this: Shame on you. During the time of the Revolution, men died defending your right to freedom. Men and women still die, to this day, defending your inalienable rights, but you show no gratitude to them for their ultimate sacrifice. Those of you who don’t care about what happens to your country – I lose my respect for you in all ways. You disgrace your nation by not forming an opinion and acting on its behalf for the good of yourself and/or others. You sit by while people struggle to support themselves while those in the government treat themselves to steak dinners and hundred dollar bottles of wine whenever they please. You don’t care what happens to the rest of us (some of you don’t even care what happens to yourselves), but you sure do know how to jump in line and complain about something when it finally does affect you personally. To all those who read this and still show nothing but apathy toward current events: I hold in my heart that you deserve the same punishments as the corrupt politicians who sit in seats of power as members of our government. You deserve to be thrown away, along with the key to your cell; and rest assured, should you not stand up right now, that will be exactly what will be done to you by the very people you have put in power.

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